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Our Mission & Vision

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Our Mission

To create and nurture our students with best knowledge, exemplary leadership, empathy and gratitude that makes them stronger to face the challenges in life.The world poses new problems and challenges everyday and to overcome those we have created an interdisciplinary model of pedagogy that creates broader horizons and brings out the best in our students. Our aim is fostering all-round development of students through multi-faceted education and sustained engagement with local, national and global communities, and nurturing lifelong inspired learners from across the globe in line with our cultural ideal of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. Gyan Vihar World School will take your wards through a unique and tailor-made journey of unmatched academic growth, extensive socio-emotional development, a major personality overhaul, optimum physical fitness, purposeful conscientiousness, intellectual refinement, much-needed morality and the inherent joy in learning. We will be working on the intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, curiosity quotient and adaptability quotient of our wards so that they become the best versions of themselves, reach their latent potential, uncover their natural proclivities, learn new skill sets, leverage opportunities and adapt to the imminent changes of the future which will make our students capable enough to add value to the community and the world.

Let kids fly free.

Our Vision

To create an extra-ordinary environment for learning, achieving academic excellence, to be the best in sports and to create global citizens. Gyan Vihar World School is going to revolutionize the school education system as we emphasize on practical knowledge over memorizing text-books. Gyan Vihar World school will produce virtuoso individuals equipped with problem solving skills, leadership traits, scientific temperament, sense of citizenship and the will to excel in their chosen fields. Our aim is to focus on large-scale ecological issues by learning outside the classroom alongside nature and its various natural phenomena to inculcate a pre-disposition towards self-learning. Students will be taught self-discipline while developing a sense of humanity as a lifelong practice to propel them to greater heights.

Admission Open For 2024-25