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From our selection process to the classroom and beyond, we focus on working with people who are dedicated to be holistic professionals with well-developed leadership abilities. Among very bright, ambitious applicants, we select those who know the value of balanced preparedness and then we devote ourselves unconditionally to their success.

Gyan Vihar has a well-earned reputation as a curriculum innovator. We understand the difference between concepts whose relevance may not endure and the lasting ability to think and solve problems logically as well as analytically, and while maintaining high ethical standards.

Our students are involved in every aspect of our programs as leaders and as sources of constructive review. Their input helps us assure that we understand their needs and truly fulfill their objectives. Through their involvement, they shape our program while they chisel their leadership skills, complementing what we teach.

As diverse as they are exceptional, our students come from across Rajasthan and around India. Likewise, our focus is global, we have been helping our students compete in a global environment from their beginning.

Our commitment to our students doesn’t stop at the classroom door, nor does it end when they graduate. Our culture is collegial because our students are partners in the learning process. This culture also underlines our students’ interactions with each other and with our alumni, who gladly make themselves available as guest speakers, networking contacts, and sources of inspiration and guidance.

As Chief Mentor, I’m committed to uphold Gyan Vihar traditions while keeping our program focused on building well-rounded, mature, and thoughtful, poised career leaders who can compete and succeed wherever they choose to apply themselves.

Warm Wishes
Sunil Sharma